Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Updated Apps for Ministry

As you may know, I'm an Android user and advocate; as dumb as that is.  I love it's openness and flexibility and it's Google integration.  I've made an earlier post about my favorite apps for ministry, and I thought I'd update and add some new ones that I use a lot.

  1. NIV Study Bible by Tecarta.  This is an expensive app at $24.99, but is the new NIV Bible with the NIV Study Bible notes.  It is a great way to have some helpful Biblical notes on the go.  It's a beautiful app in full color, and they've done a great job with the UI.  It has full color maps, charts, pictures, and even videos.  It works nicely on my 10" tablet and my 4.5" phone.  While I still love the Youversion Biblle app, this one has the downloaded Bible and notes, and doesn't need a data connection to use.  
  2. Google Docs.  Though I have about every document editing app there is, I love the Google Docs one.  It is simple, has good features, and integrates completely with the cloud.  Again, it works great for my tablet and phone, and it quickly taking the place of Documents to Go, Quickoffice, Polaris Office, and OfficeSuite.
  3. Blogger.  Yes, the native Blogger app does a pretty good job of letting me blog from my phone or tablet.  Am I using it right now?  No; that would be stupid with my computer sitting right in front of me. But it's nice.
  4. Tabs Tools.  Thanks to an Amazon Appstore free app of the day, I have a more fully featured guitar tab app, that includes things like a tuner and metronome.  
  5. Speaking of the Amazon Appstore.  I have a ton of great paid apps that I got for free thanks to Amazon's policy of offering a free app a day.  Some days, it's a game, or some other app I'm not interested in.  But some days, it's a great powerful app that I use for ministry.  I've gotten full versions of Business Calendar, Tabs Tools, OfficeSuite, Quickoffice, PrinterShare, and more thanks to the Appstore.  (The only downside is that apps don't update as quickly through the Appstore compared to the Google Play Store.) 
  6. PrinterShare.  Need to print from your phone or tablet?  This app works great.

Rooted Apps I use for ministry.  If you're rooted, you have more access to your phone's core operating system, allowing some apps to have more functionality.  Here's some apps I use that require root.
  1. Titanium Backup.  If you mess around with your phone like I do, you need something to backup and restore your apps and data.  Titanium is the best.
  2. WiFi Tether.  Yes, you have to buy a special plan from your carrier to tether... usually.  If you're rooted, WiFi Tether will allow you to create a hotspot from your phone.  I use this to give my tablet internet data when not near a wifi hotspot.  I pay a lot of money for my unlimited data, and don't intend to pay more to use the same data.
  3. Roam Control.  Going to camp kills my battery, because my phone constantly searches for a better Sprint signal.  Roam Control allows me to force roaming so it uses the closest towers instead of searching for Sprint.  It loses the 3G speeds, but at least is usable while out in the middle of nowhere.
There's an updated app list.  Feel free to leave comments with your favorite apps.

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